We are waiting in the Koror International airport.
      IMPAC staff's are waiting in the arrival lobby. IMPAC staff's lets me work for that solution when misunderstanding occurs by the customs clearance of yourt radio euqipments and so on.

      The Pick up goes only to the guest who received arrangements.  When you begins and comes to Palau, it is suggested that it arranges for the pick up of IMPAC.

      There are not the taxi terminal,and the bus station in the Koror international airport.  Though there is the counters of the rent-a-car, the reservation in advance is necessary for that in Palau.  It is difficult to rent a car in the airport at the time of the arrival.

      Incidentally, the time required from the Koror international airport to West Plaza by the Sea Hotel (Palau Rental Shack) is about 25 minutes.  

Requesting pick up.
     When reserving a hotel room, please request an Airport pick up by IMPAC. It may be difficult to request an immediate pickup when you arrive - without making prior arrangements.

Please consult us
about bringing in large volumes of equipment beforehand.
      With advance notice and a description of any large-sized equipment, linear amplifiers, etc. that you plan to bring, IMPAC staff can explain these details to the airport customs in advance. We can then prepare the pick up vehicle to deliver the larger equipment.