Damage to radio equipment.
      IMPAC do not charge for repairs to equipment that breaks in the Palau rental shack. IMPAC will however charge for malicious damage or theft.

      This arrangement allows you to operate without worry. Although the electrical power at Palau improves each year, blackouts and power surges can occur. We have found the 117v AC power varies up to plus/minus 10%, with a chance of a surge. Because of this variation, other electrical appliances owned by IMPAC and staff can break down too, and the radio equipment is no different.

      The life expectancy of the radio equipment used in these conditions is expected to be shorter naturally too. The Palau rental shack owner is prepared to assume that the radio equipment may be overworked to the extent of a DX pedition. It is a similar arrangement to a rent-a-car, where breakdowns from wear and tear are covered by IMPAC.

      IMPAC endeavour to remove the risk for the visiting operator, and let you get on air with a minimum of worry.

When any radio equipment does fail by chance, please advise the details to IMPAC over the telephone immediately, and we will make arrangements from there.
The guarantee of the Palau rental shack.
      IMPAC may sometimes find problems with the radio equipment and antennas just before the practical use / rental by a guest operator. The antenna environment so close to the sea, combined with AC voltage fluctuation and strong winds means that close attention to the condition of the station is needed. IMPAC may not be able to contact the guest operator in advance if an equipment failure is found.

      To mitigate this risk, IMPAC has prepared two sets of radio equipment and spare antennas in the event that a major problem has occurred.

      However, please ask for help immediately because IMPAC can assist in getting back on air with minimal fuss. We have gone to extra lengths to make your stay enjoyable even in the event of problems.