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      Please contact IMPAC when you visit Palau. We can propose various optional tours as we are a travel agency in the Palau Islands as well as having the Palau rental shack, too.

Getting to Palau.
     The best route to Palau is by aircraft from Guam. You will have a choice of many flight plans. As for travel to Palau from Japan, Europe or North America, it is usual to transit through Guam. Continental Micronesia Airlines fly from Guam to Palau every day.

     Travel from Taiwan is also very straightforward, as the #1 sightseer in Palau is Taiwanese. Aircraft fly between Taiwan and Palau every day too.

The Palau rental shack Hotel Room.
     The Palau rental shack has been prepared in room 1401 located on the (top) fourth floor of the West Plaza by the Sea Hotel. There is only one double bed available, as room 1401 is set-up for the radio operation. The extra bed that would usually be in room 1401 is not popular. Therefore, if you are staying as a group, then it is better to use 2 or more rooms. IMPAC will allot rooms suitable for your group needs.

The room allotment of the Palau rental shack.
     The Palau rental shack is prepared in the room 1401 of fourth floor of the West Plaza by the Sea Hotel. There is only one double bed though room 1401 is suitable for the radio operation. The extra bed of the room 1401 is not specially popularity. Therefore, it is decided that staying at the group uses more than 2 room. IMPAC will propose the room allotment which is proper for your group.

We are always happy to give you a quote.
      IMPAC always show the room rate corresponding to the season and any pick-up charge from the airport.

We can negotiate a 5% discount with the optional tours of IMPAC when you make reservations before your visit. Please click on the logo of IMPAC at the upper right or the bottom right of this webpage, and you will find the optional tours available to regular guests.

Inquiry, quotes and reservations.
      Please E-mail your questions to IMPAC Palau Rental Shack(JM1LJS/T80W "Hide"). We look forward to making your travel here very enjoyable.