You cannot place your own antennas on the roof.
      Because guests can't access the roof at the West Plaza by the Sea Hotel, guests cannot place antennas on the roof.

      Presently there is no 80m band antenna on the roof. This antenna will be installed later in 2007. This antenna will be restricted in size given the space available on the Hotel roof.
No digital mode and SSTV operation.
      The supplied radio TS-570S prepared in the rental shack is not permitted use with digital modes and SSTV. The guest who wishes to use these modes is invited to bring along your own radio. Please allow for this restriction. You may however the use ALS-600 ( 500W linear amplifier ) for the operation on RTTY, PSK31 modes.

      Please bring your own radio and do not forget the power cable, PTT cable and the ALC cable suitable for the ALS-600 with your rig when you use these modes.

      The maximum output power in each mode is to strictly limited to:

RTTY, PSK31: Maximum RF output power 200W.
SSTV: The risk is too high. Please do not use ALS-600.

      A temperature sensor is built into the ALS-600, and the amplifier will switch to pass through automatically when the heat from linear amplifier rises above normal.
AC voltage is only 117V.
      The guest who brings the high power linear amplifier is to be careful because the AC voltage of the room is only 117V. This restricts the maximum output power on HF to 1kW-pep. This power handling is limited by the antenna selection relay and antenna.
The type of the AC power plug.
      The AC power plug of Palau is the same as the AC plug of Japan / USA. Please bring an AC adapter plug which can be used in Japan when you use a notebook computer, camera charger and the electric razor.
Only the licence holder's can do operation.
      Only the guest who has applied for permission from IMPAC in advance can use a rental shack. The license conditions in Palau prevent the operation by a second operator. This is guidance from the Palau government.

      Guests who participate in the multi and multi class categories in DX contests are welcome, however, all of the operators must obtain their own Palau radio license beforehand. And, all operators details should be placed on the application to IMPAC in advance.

      This is a condition by IMPAC for the rental shack, irrespective of the advice for multi-operators operation that may be advised by governmental license person in charge.

      The Palau government requires IMPAC to manage both individual and multi-operator users at the rental shack, and detail confirmed to the Palau government.

      Please understand that the rental shack has been arranged under the guidance and permission of the Palau government.
Preparation for check-out is to leave room clear by check-out.
      When it comes to the end of your stay, the staff of IMPAC can meet you at the hotel in the designated time. And, the pick-up of other guests may be included, too.

      Please be careful of the time of departure, and the radio equipment of the rental shack is to be packed away and leaving the room clear by checkout time. The radio equipment is to be returned to storage.