Explanation of the Palau Radio License
      You can acquire the Palau ham radio license based on your home amateur radio license. Your license class is not examined and radio license acquisition is not restricted by nationality in Palau. If your license is printed and available in the English language, then an English proof / translation is not required. However, we will ask you for an English proof of your license, when your license is described in Chinese, Korean and Russian.

      There is no radio license class in Palau. With the Palau radio license you can acquire, you can operate with a linear amplifier.

      The license term of validity of the Palau radio license for the foreigners is for one year. It is often better to acquire your license a little early to make your travel and rental shack booking plans more flexible.

Preparation of applications
      The licence application for a ham radio licence in Palau can be executed by IMPAC as a proxy. Please prepare the following documents at least 40 days before your planned arrival, and inform the rental dhack adviser JM1LJS/T80W "Hide".

The list of the application documents to prepare
 A certified copy of the face photograph page of your passport.
 The copy of your home amateur radio license.
 When your license is written in Chinese, Korean and Russian,
 please provide an English language proof.

 And, the following information is necessary.

 1) Your home address.
 2) Your mail address.
 3) Your telephone number.
 4) Your FAX numbrt. (None is OK.)
 5) Your E-mail address.

 These have the filling in column in the application form.

 6) And, Your call sign request. (Please request at least 10 call signs.)

Application Cost for the Palau radio license
      The application expenses of the Palau radio license which we prepare is as follows.

The charge for a license application.
 License acquisition charge.
US$ 125
 Payment by the credit card is NOT possible.

 Please pay to JM1LJS/T80W "Hide" by PAYPAL.

 As for the remittance by PAYPAL, the remittance charge will be
 subtracted.  Please remit so that 125 dollars are transferred to
 the account of JM1LJS/T80W "Hide".

The callsigns of Palau
      The amateur radio station in Palau is permitted the callsign prefix of T88AA-ZZ as defined by the ITU and the Republic of Palau Radio Callsign (19 June 2002) of Palau government establishment.

      In case you apply for a license, you can request callsigns (T88**). Please ask adviser: JM1LJS/T80W "Hide", for any specific callsign requests. About 100 callsigns have already been issued in Palau. Your preferred callsign will be requested. but please understand beforehand that we can't make a promise that it will be available.

      If you do request a call sign, it will be a good idea that you request some alternate callsign choices and hopefully these will available if your main choice is already used.

The Palau radio license is passed in Palau
      Your Palau radio license is published by the government and then sent to IMPAC, and when you arrive in Palau, it is passed across to you.

      JM1LJS/T80W "Hide" can send the copy of your Palau radio license by E-mail. Please come to Palau to print it and to have available when you operate.

      On arrival of a guest visitor for the rental shack, please advise the airport customs people that staff of IMPAC hold the guests original radio licence, and are waiting in the lobby.