Introduction of the West Plaza by the Sea Hotel
      The West Plaza Hotel Group operates a five hotel chain in Palau, and the one with the Ham Shack is located at West Plaza by the Sea Hotel.  The West Plaza by the Sea Hotel is located at the wharf precinct All rooms are clean and tidy and have ocean views.  Room amenities include shampoo and conditioner, tooth brush, razor, hair dryer, etc.  The Hotel also houses a Chinese food restaurant overlooking the sea and has a Toyota rental car office in the foyer of the Hotel.  Tour assistance arrangements can also be provided by the Hotel staff.

It is the entrance of the West
Plaza by the Sea Hotel. The Toyota
rent a car office is in the hotel.

It is the lobby.
The Seahorse Restaurant is located
in the hotel. From the garden terrace whose view is the second good floor, meals can be enjoyed looking at the sea.

The Seahouse Restaurant is opened with breakfast, lunch, and supper.

It is the elevator for loads.
The Heavy weight backages
should use this elevator.

The ice-making machine is in
the second floor, Ice goes into
acquisition always. (Free)

It is the bed of the room.

They are the shower room
and the toilet.