Welcome to Palau Rental Shack Homepage!

   This homepage is introduces Palau Rental Shack for the visitors who enjoy amateur radio in Republi of Palau.  Those who are not interested in amateur radio need to click the IMPAC-logo of upper right, please. You can jump to the homepage for ordinary visitors.

The following antennas have been set up now.

   The antenna was removed once in October, 2013 by the repair work of the rooftop. And, the re-setup of the following antennas is being completed now.

   No,1 roof tower : 50MHz 5ele, 18/24MHz 2ele and 14/21/28MHz 3ele
   No,2 roof tower :3.8MHz Full size INV-L, 7MHz Full size INV-V and 10MHz Full size INV-V
                           ( VSWR of those antennas is a little high. Please use the antenna tuner. )
  No,3 roof tower :18MHz Full size 2ele

   You can QRV on 3.8 / 7 / 10 / 14 / 21 / 24 / 28 / 50MHz now.

Introduction of the Ralau Rental Shack

Customer who uses the Palau rental shack
On the right: T88EK/JE1EKS
On the left: T88PT/JI5RPT
Right: T88ST/JR3STX

     You can enjoy comfortable operation only with notebook computer, headphone, paddle and message keyer.
      If you are going to set-up an amateur radio operation overseas, it is often hard to get a Radio License in the country, obtain the antenna installation permission with the hotel and the transportation of radio equipment and antennas, it will be tiring even trying to do the planning !

     IMPAC proposes to help ham visitors at the Palau Rental Shack. IMPAC is the travel company well-known in Palau. We propose to host your amateur radio operation and all the substantial sightseeing tours around Palau.

     The IMPAC Palau Rental Shack is presently undergoing inspection by the Palau government, and has also obtained consent to use it as the rental ham station. It is something you can use in comfort. Your Palau radio license can also be obtained easily with this station.

Basic Information for Palau

     The Rep.of Palau is a small independent country with the population of about 20,000 people. Most of the population of Palau is concentrating on the Palau Island.

     There is no time difference with Japan and Korea and Palau, as well as Guam and Saipan. Palau is also the country which many tourists visit when travelling in the Micronesia area.

     Although Palau is popular among Divers or Fishermen, it is a country which has charm for visiting amateur radio operators.

     It is straightforward to obtain an amateur radio license based on your home license. Regardless of your license class, you could acquire a full power privilege license.